Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Defiant Nears Compleation!

Defiant is almost done. All pages are inked and colouring is well underway. We’re hoping to launch at Thought Bubble in November but until then here’s a sample page.
Also, I’ve been hard at work on the final issue of Psircus and again, hope to launch at Thought Bubble. We had a great time with Psircus at the last one and so hopefully the production will happen by November.

Another project I have on the go, all I'll ask is:


Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I’m looking for an artist for a 52 page action adventure comic with lovecraftian shades. My aim with this project is to first complete some sample pages and then pitch to as many publishes as possible who would cover printing costs without giving up the right to the characters. With this plan in mind there would be no money up front but shared ownership of the property and no need to personally contribute to printing costs.

I’m pretty much open to artistic style and though the script in done I would be more than willing to collaborate and adapt the story suit any particular artist. Ideally, the artist would be able to produce full colour pages, at the very least inked. As an artist myself I know 52 pages is a massive commitment so we could come to a reasonable time line with the publisher in which to finish the comic. The initial commitment would be 6-8 pages of sequentials and a cover image for the pitch.

Now, the comic… Our story starts in London just before World War I, where a professor from the Miskatonic University is consulting on a series of murders but ends up knee deep in cults, lovecraftian monsters and alchemy! There are several themes that run throughout the comic, from old world/new world transitions, the suffragette movement and a sense of an unknown cosmic horror.

As an artist, you would need to be able to draw authentic period scenes circa London 1912, dynamic action sequences, monsters and above all else, distinctive characters with personality. You would need to be able to design the look and feel of the world and work with me on the characters and monsters. I am looking for someone who wants to make a mark on the comic scene and break though to a professional level.

This 52 story is self contained but sows the seeds of several possible sequels. I have an overall plan for at least five other books in the series should we find any success with the first (though I wouldn’t expect any commitment beyond this first story from the artist).

I’ve considered drawing this project myself but for personal reasons I can’t commit to that many pages and I’ve come to realise that I simply don’t have the artistic skills necessary to do this story justice.

I really feel that this script has potential and want to make the transition in to the professional comic world, all I need is the right artist to collaborate with.

I can be contacted through the blog or through danielbellcomics@gmail.com

Monday, 6 January 2014

The Vikings are Still Coming!

But some updates!

I’ve got two stories in The British Showcase Anthologywhich is basically what it sounds like, an anthology of British comics creators. The stories are ‘My Father’s Hand’ and ‘The Demon Tree’ (illustrated by Alex Thompson). 

Psircus #2 is also available now, sold through Comicsy! We had a bit of a slow weekend at Thought Bubble so there’s plenty left in stock!