Friday, 27 September 2013

Welcome Thought Bubblers!

If you found your way here from the Thought Bubble link, then welcome to my blog. This post is about showing what I’ll have on offer for you to get your hands on!

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So, lets take a look shall we?

‘The Goose’

‘The Goose once flew with the League of Powers, Earth’s greatest protectors, but now Kim works in retail and struggles to raise her daughter.’

‘But something from her past has returned to haunt her, a villain she created who is now trying to take over the country through political office. There are other ghosts coming back to haunt Kim too, a winged spectre looking out for her… Who is the Goose?’


Written by Amsel Von Sprecklesen, art by Daniel Bell, full colour. £4.00

*I hear The Goose may also be making an apperance in person...

‘Psircus #1 & #2’

Kathy ran away to join the Psircus, Icarus was raised in it. They possess extraordinary powers and under the guidance of PT Barnum, worlds greatest showman and secret saviour of the Earth, they fight an unseen war against a collective mind intent on global domination.

Written By Daniel Bell, art by Katja Lindblom, Iain Buchanan, Anna Readman and Daniel Bell. £3.00

RAPID FIRE: 10 years of Underfire Comics

‘This anthology collects the best of the first 10 years of Underfire Comics.

Who, you ask?

‘Underfire Comics began in 2001 with the anthology series Rapid Fire alongside a series of ongoing titles. This comic collects some of the best stories featured in Rapid Fire, side by side with other shorts and extras by the Underfire collective, including early works by Nick Dyer (2000AD), Cosmo White (Blue Spear, COM.X), David Gray (Hero 9 to 5, Markosia) and Bob Molesworth (Dino-Corps, Markosia).’

Various Writers/Artists. £6.00

Friday, 9 August 2013

New Stuff! New Stuff! New Stuff!

More odds and sods! Been busy drawing Defiant but can't really show any of it. In the mean time, here's some new stuff:

My Entry in to the 2000AD Forum Art Competition, 'Rogur Troubador'!

And I finally got around to putting some colour on 'Space Girl'.

Finally, I'll be at MCM in October where you can pick up Psircus #1 & #2 and The Goose!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I’m very pleased to share some preview work for my upcoming Viking book with Andy Winter, DEFIANT!

Here are some previews:

The Goose takes flight!

Been a while, been very busy!

To begin with, I give you ‘The Goose, finally in print.

We launched at the Bristol Comic Expo and received great feedback. Still waiting on some reviews to come in and I’ll be posting those as they do!

‘The Goose’ is available to buy HERE in print or digital download.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Just some bits and bobs really...

Both quick sketches done with brush pen.

Monday, 21 January 2013


I was recently asked to produce a thank you present for a comic fan which consisted of a picture of the Hulk surrounded by a load of wrecked scaffolding. The person to receive the piece owns and runs a scaffold company and is really in to the hulk. 

At first I was a bit hesitant as I don’t really like drawing big muscle bound hero types because I’m not that good at it, too much anatomy for my liking. Anyway, I said yes and went about sketching some composition thumbnails.

Here’s the composition I settled with:

I scanned this in to photoshop and enlarged to A4, it was originally about 4cm high. This was then converted to blue line and printed out. Using this as a guide I sketched out some rough pencils and began to get the image together. I spent quite a bit of time getting the ‘Hulk’ look and used various references for the muscle anatomy. I think you can tell it’s the Hulk and not just some stupid muscle dude.

Here’s the original pencils:

This was then scanned in to photoshop again where I played about with it to get the best out of the image. I defined his eyes a bit better, increased his roaring open mouth and moved his left arm to a more dynamic position which seemed to work a little better. I also added the logo of the company which the recipient of the piece owns.

From here I needed to scale up to A3. To do this I removed my monitor from its stand and laid it flat on the desk, essentially acting a light box. I enlarge the image on screen to fit the A3 paper and begin re-drawing the picture. It can be a bit cumbersome but it’s a technique I’ve developed out of necessity. I just hope it’s not doing any lasting damage to the monitor.

Here’s me with my ‘light box’ and the result of the tracing.

After this I filled in any missing details and essentially ended up with the same image in pencils at A3. When doing sequential I usually use blue lead but it doesn’t rub out half as easily as good old graphite. I usually use copier paper for sequential too as it’s cheap but I found using a thicker type of paper let me take advantage of inking techniques I don’t often use.

Here is the final inked piece for the Hulk fan:

So it’s scanned in and off to the new owner now but I was feeling pretty pleased with myself I thought I’d give it a go with some colour in Photoshop.