Sunday, 22 January 2012

From the Archives: The Psircus

A few years ago I had a number of different story ideas floating around my head which never seemed to fit anywhere or go away. They were good ideas for an element of a story but not an actual story within itself.

Then one night, it all seemed to come together and from a world where these ideas became a story and characters came in to being. I started off with a series of origin stories featuring the characters that would eventually go on to form The Psircus. The idea was to tell a series of short stories that would each stand alone as complete, but also form a larger ongoing story.

This was the first, illustrated by Katja Linblom (check out her website here ). I was going for a old fashioned ghost story kind of feel. There are several elements which would have contributed to a larger story. I give you 'Kathy Isn't Right'. 

First published in Rapid Fire Vol II.I. 

The second was partially inspired by a dream I had abut the film 'Leon'. Guess the rest speaks for itself. Illustrated by Iain Buchanan ( ), he came up with some great ideas that have made it in to a pitch we put together and have sent off to a few publishers.

First published in Rapid Fire Vol II.II

Finally, this story never saw print as it was meant to be the third instalment but we gave up on printing Rapid Fire as it was beginning to become a massive cash cow. If the previous instalments were introduction to the characters, this story was to feature a stand alone outing for Kathy and Icarus and give an insight in to what they did as part of The Psircus.