Saturday, 12 January 2013

Loads of stuff!

It’s been ages sine m last post as I’ve been really busy with trying to finish up a load of different things in time for conventions and print deadlines.

I’ll be exhibiting at Bristol Comic Expo in May and will be launching issue 2 of Psircus currently being drawn by newcomer Anna Redman and Katja Lindbloom is returning to the book. I’ll also be contributing a short for issue, stay tuned for updates at our new Facebook page.

The other comic i'm getting ready for Bristol is The Goose. Written by Amsel Von Spreckleson, it’s kind of hard to describe, a ‘kitchen sink’ superhero drama is as close as we can get. I’ve been colouring this too which is why it’s taking so long. Here are some samples from the comic:

In other news I have a story due to appear in the British Showcase Comic illustrated by Alex Thompson whose work has also appeared in Bayou Arcana. I’m looking forward to seeing she comes up with. I can’t commit to drawing anything for the BSC as I have a massive project starting soon which will probably take up most of 2013. It’ll be a year of Vikings! 


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