Monday, 20 June 2011

Black Jet: Operation Rainbow Bridge

A blast from the past! Back in the early days of Underfire Comics there was a series called 'Operation; Black Jet' by Cosmo White. It was a WWII adventure story involving an alien craft and test pilot flung in to the future...

Cosmo decided to collect the series in a bound format and wanted back up stories to fill out the book. I adapted a story I had kicking around but didn't know what to do with. So here you go, completed back in 2006-7...

This was the first time I really tried to work textures and tones in to the art and you can see how I got more comfortable with it as I went along. Compare page 1 to page 8 and you can see the difference a bit of shadowing can make.

Hopefully the collected edition will see print one day. Get on it Cosmo!

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